Tuesday, September 8, 2009

technology update

well... ok then. on the phone for an hour and a half trying to figure this out. here's the scoop on camping and internet: there is something called a 'wireless air card' that you can use with your laptop and get internet connection anywhere. guess this isn't news to everyone - but it was for me. just plug it into a usb port and off you go. but - you have to pay per month... and you need to sign a 2 year contract. i guess this is different depending on your provider - but i dont want to pay $60 month for the next two years for a couple of camping trips ! then - there is something called tethering. again - depending on your provider - you can turn this option on or off - use it on a month per month basis - whenever you need it. great. and it's not expensive. great. all you need is to buy a 'two way cord' at best buy - or where ever. great. has equal reception as the air card. great. do i need any additional software or instructions to make it work ? yes. what ? the software isn't mac compatible... o. ok - then there is another way: get a dial up network. great. what ? my phone won't work this way. o. i need to buy a blackberry. o. well... hm. back to the air card ? hm. no internet in the trailer. ok. got to think about this one. maybe no blogging on the road for now.

wait. daniel has an iphone... maybe i can blog from his iphone ???

gonna let this one go for today. will pick up this issue at a later date. tmi. brain is gonna explode.

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