Tuesday, September 22, 2009

jalama beach

just found a few pictures from jalama beach...

beautiful sunset

k.c. by latern light...

amazing rock formations

jalama road, off highway 1

Monday, September 21, 2009

just back from trip number two

we just got back from our second trip. this one went much smoother. we were better prepared - set up and tearing down was easy. it was perfect. the electricity and propane worked this time... so my stove worked for steaming vegetables for dinner one night and making a hot cup of tea... the little overhead lights worked...and the heater worked great. good thing - it got a little chilly at night since we are now towards the end of september. it was mostly foggy the whole time - but the fog and cool were welcome after being in the valley in 100+ temperature the past month. we stayed at north beach campground in pismo beach. cleared up the confusion about pismo, oceana and grover beach. it's actually three little cities - all next to each other. last time we actually stayed in oceana beach. drving up and down grand ave. (the main strip) is grover beach. at the end of grand if you make a left, you are in oceana, make a right, you are in pismo. we left early saturday morning and by 7:00am we already in santa maria - so we stopped at home depot to get supplies needed for this pantry i wanted daniel to put together.  once we got set up we took a long walk along the beach. we saw this seal on the beach and thought it was miraculous - until the lifegaurd lady told us that this poor seal was very sick and confused. there is some kind of acid poisoning - from pollution - and our fish off the coast are very sick from it - then the seals get sick. i was happy to hear animal rescue was on their way to help. we didn't hang out to see the end of that story, but it was a really beautiful majestic sight gone real bad  :(  on sunday we took a day trip into morro bay - 25 miles north of pismo beach. the main street - embarcadero - was a little touristy for us... we liked main street better. it had off beat art studios, natural food stores and thrift shops. the big morro bay rock was really impressive - altho it was a bit cloudy and we couldn't see the whole thing. on the way back we stopped at san luis obispo botanical garden which had a great variety of plants and herbs. also - last time i mentioned that little boat town... it's called port san luis. we drove thru it again. i also forgot to mention avila valley farm in avila beach. a little farm with lots of animals to look at - fresh fruit and veggies - and homemade jams, jellies and sauces. we went thru that area again looking for avila mineral hot springs. i had read about it and what we imagined and what it was were two different things....  i really don't want to bash someone's lively hood on this blog - but it wasn't that appealing to us. down the road was sycamore mineral springs - that looked really nice, and more expensive - so we decided we will return there - soon.

this time i took some pictures of the inside of the trailer - since i was so pleased with my new pantry.

the master suite

the guest bedroom... or closet  :)

the kitchen area

i have been wanting this hanging pantry i had seen - but after some research i found it might not be such a great idea to put hooks in the ceiling of the trailer because it might leak in the future. so i found this great idea on this forum: www.popupexplorer.com. we got tension shower curtain rods and metal baskets - they are attached with hose clamps.

we decided to start getting stickers of all the places we go and put them on the side of the trailer. morro bay wasn't up yet.

i liked this tree

k.c. makes some new friends

the seal  :(

morro bay big rock... foggy.

main street, morro bay

beautiful... along highway 1

north beach camp ground

i got this great old hammered pot and pewter candlestick in a thrift store along main street...
home sweet home  :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

technology update

well... ok then. on the phone for an hour and a half trying to figure this out. here's the scoop on camping and internet: there is something called a 'wireless air card' that you can use with your laptop and get internet connection anywhere. guess this isn't news to everyone - but it was for me. just plug it into a usb port and off you go. but - you have to pay per month... and you need to sign a 2 year contract. i guess this is different depending on your provider - but i dont want to pay $60 month for the next two years for a couple of camping trips ! then - there is something called tethering. again - depending on your provider - you can turn this option on or off - use it on a month per month basis - whenever you need it. great. and it's not expensive. great. all you need is to buy a 'two way cord' at best buy - or where ever. great. has equal reception as the air card. great. do i need any additional software or instructions to make it work ? yes. what ? the software isn't mac compatible... o. ok - then there is another way: get a dial up network. great. what ? my phone won't work this way. o. i need to buy a blackberry. o. well... hm. back to the air card ? hm. no internet in the trailer. ok. got to think about this one. maybe no blogging on the road for now.

wait. daniel has an iphone... maybe i can blog from his iphone ???

gonna let this one go for today. will pick up this issue at a later date. tmi. brain is gonna explode.

Friday, September 4, 2009

next adventure...

is planned for september 19th, 20th and 21st. we decided to leave on a saturday and come home on a monday this time as opposed to leave on a friday and come home sunday after our terrible drive home in traffic that took two hours longer than it should have. all that relaxing and unwinding was shot after sitting on the 101 for to long. we actually ended up taking another freeway and the long way home just so the car would be moving ! so we wanted to try another campsite this time - make sure to ask - some campgrounds dont like dogs ! el capitan and refugio were booked - so we got a reservation at north beach campground. which is close to where we were last time. looking forward to take two with the trailer :)