Tuesday, August 18, 2009

just got it

me and daniel just got this 1991 coleman sequoia pop up trailer.

we decided to get a trailer after we had borrowed my parents van and spent the weekend at jalama beach - just south of lompoc. the most beautiful little beach with towering bluffs. great for driftwood and rock collecting. clean pristine... beautiful. it is first come, first serve - so no reservations. we got there early enough in the morning that at 3:00 when they read names for openings - we got a spot.

we brought the new trailer home and cleaned it from end to end with pine sol and bleach... cleaned the curtains, cushions, everything. and made it our own.

then i made my lists. what i had to get together and what daniel had to get together. i love a good list. i feel so organized with a good solid list. my list included everything needed for the inside... and daniels was everything for the outside. i think his list was harder than mine... but he might think mine was harder - who knows.

then the best part... go to target and get everything needed. from bedding to toiletries, kitchen utensils, first aid kit and miscellaneous camping gear.

then the even better part... take all the bags and unpack them and organize them and figure out where everything needs to go to be in its place. all neat and - organized. i love that everything can now stay inside of it - no packing and unpacking stuff... all you need is a - list (!) when something runs low so you know when to replenish it... and keep it........ organized. its like the perfect little home. all tidy ready to go whenever you are. you just GO.

it feels like a dream.... ive wanted to do this for so long. i grew up taking trailer trips with my family and i have the best memories of camping along the beach. me and my sister had the top bunk and i would be up before anyone and i would squeek screech squeek the little window open and peek out to see the ocean. my vision was blocked by early morning fog but i could still smell the salt air and hear the waves crashing out there and i couldn't wait for everyone to get up so we could get out there and run on the beach, look for shells and crabs.... dig in the sand. i loved it. and now i get to do it again.

its tuesday night - wo - wednesday morning at 1:56. we leave friday morning around five. daniel still has work to do on the battery, propane tank, heater check... make sure everything works good. i am in charge of food. so thursday i will go out and get some basics... oatmeal, cheese, crackers, fruit, hamburger meat and supplies (i already have my 'condiments and spices' containers ready to pack up) then i will make egg salad and chicken salad for sandwiches... what else do i need on my food list ?

my clothes and miscellaneous personal items - paint box, books etc - are ready to go.

so.... where are we going ? friday night we have reservations at oceana dunes. right on the beach.... sounds amazing ? not sure - it might be rough with all the off roadies flying by all hours of the night. saturday night we move to oceana rv campgrounds. we are going to stop at a few places along the way to see if there is anything else available. we'll see. its an adventure. in our new little portable home.

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